Getting Married, Again: How To Plan The Perfect Second Ceremony

After the sting of a divorce, or the devastation of losing a spouse far too early, many newly-single individuals could never imagine getting back into the dating game. If you’ve met someone who has made you rethink your “been there, done that” attitude, you might be apprehensive about planning a huge second wedding. Because there is a stigma attached to hosting a lavish second wedding, chances are you’re conscious of every choice, including skipping the virginal white dress. Help create a timeless, age-appropriate affair by following these simple tips:

Telling the Kids

Don’t pop the champagne just yet because once the engagement is official, it’s time to share the news with some potentially unenthusiastic listeners: your kids. Even though they’re grown up with kids of their own, your adult children might take the news badly. This is unfortunate, but don’t let this stand in the way of your nuptials. Instead, encourage them to discuss their feelings like adults rather than boycott the wedding or give you the silent treatment.

If you’re divorced, it’s also respectful to tell your ex-spouse about the engagement. Divine Caroline recommends sharing an engagement picture on social media or in the local newspaper instead, especially if you’re not on speaking terms.

The Gifts

One important aspect of getting hitched again you might overlook is the wedding registry. If you’ve lived in the same house for several years, chances are you have all the hand towels, spatulas and trivets you could use. Instead of creating a typical registry, Divine Caroline recommends asking your friends and family to give a gift to your favorite charity. However, if you still need a few odds and ends, or want to start fresh with your fiancee, go ahead and register at your favorite department store.

Planning the Ceremony

In an attempt to follow tradition and appease the parents who are paying for the ceremony, many young couples opt for a conventional wedding. If you’ve always regretted being a conformist the first time around, take this opportunity to plan the real wedding of your dreams.

For example, did you always want to get married on the beach, or say your “I Dos” in Las Vegas? Whatever you choose, Match recommends having fun with your second wedding. However, according to Match, it’s equally important to incorporate some very special people in the ceremony: your kids. Make them feel like part of your new family by asking your daughter to be your maid of honor, or insist your son walk you down the aisle.

Although it’s important to put your needs first, you must also remember there are certain unwritten rules that your family or friends will expect you to follow. For instance, a second wedding is generally hosted at a smaller, more intimate venue. In addition, it’s also second-wedding etiquette to have a single attendant rather than multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Getting married the second time around is the perfect opportunity to correct the mistakes made during your first wedding. Most importantly, you’ll also get the rare opportunity to enjoy shopping for a wedding dress twice!

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