How To Plan Special Events For Your Family Reunion

If you are are hosting your first family reunion this summer, you are indeed fortunate to be able to establish some lovely traditions. You’ll need to plan ahead so that assignments can be made and so that anticipation for the big event can be building up. Of course, you’ll want to plan your menus and make reservations for the times you’ll be eating out, but the real fun comes with activities you have choreographed.

Daytime Events – It’s really helpful to have a printed itinerary so that everybody will know at what time they need to be ready for different events. Start everybody off with a filling and delicious breakfast and get ready for the fun.

  • Most kids and many adults love anything to do with the water, whether it’s swimming, boating, skiing, or just walking along the beach. If you have your own pool, you’ve got it made. If not, head for the nearest body of water and be sure to bring a picnic and water games. It’s helpful to bring a large tent so that shade will be available, especially for those who just want to lounge, or for portable cribs. 
  • Plan a trip to see historical sights or other attractions in your city. Even residents of your city will enjoy a scavenger hunt which will encourage them to seek things out that they can see with a new perspective.
  • Allow for unplanned time. The gals may want to go shopping, kids may want to just stay home and listen to the latest tunes or play games, and the men will appreciate time to relax in front of the television with snacks and drinks.

Evening Events –  At the beginning of the reunion, make sure that assignments have been completed and offer to help with anything that will be needed. You’ll need portable stages, a microphone, a screen and a projector.

  • On the first night, focus on your family legacy. Decorate the stage and make sure that all electronics are working properly. Let the grandparents start by telling about the family history, including time for questions and answers. This is a great time to honor them with a special gift and with a tribute song like “What a Wonderful Life” or “We Are Family” played as background music for a special slideshow presentation. Give everybody a special T-shirt with a family picture on it and a special saying like, “The Legacy Continues.” Ask them to wear their T-shirts for the last event the next night.
  • The last night is when you’ll use the stage for the talent show. Hopefully families and individuals have planned ahead of time and you will see some really good presentations. However, even if it’s something they put together at the last minute, everybody will enjoy the show, simply because it’s all in fun. The fact that they’re wearing the family T-shirt will just add to the feeling of unity.

Now you have set the stage for the next family reunions. Families and traditions go hand-in-hand, and you have facilitated this. Now sit back and relax, knowing that somebody else will be planning the next reunion.

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