Five Obscure Ways To Gamble In Las Vegas

With legal gambling in Las Vegas, there are so many surprising spots where you can win a big jackpot. While on vacation in Vegas, check out some of the following obscure locations to gamble and see how it changes the dynamics of your trip.

At the Dinner Table

In many Las Vegas restaurants, tables feature a napkin holder, some condiments, and paper keno sheets. Keno games are a great way to pass the time while waiting for your meal. The games display on boards all around the restaurant, and if you get lucky, your whole bill could be paid.

Keep in mind that keno servers are separate from the regular servers and are there to only help with your gambling needs.


At a Las Vegas airport, a flight delay might not be a bad thing if you can kill an hour or two playing slot machines. The McCarran International Airport features designated gambling areas in each section of the airport. The games feature a variety of video and reel slot machines. 

On Your TV

When staying at one of the city’s many hotels, you don’t even have to leave your bed to gamble. Many hotels have their own special television stations where gambling is available. Formerly, games like keno and digital black jack could be played by phone, but the technology has been upgraded.

Starting in Atlantic City, the in-room gambling technology is transitioning to Las Vegas and will expand to feature games like digital slot machines and video poker. With a linked account, guests can gamble at a set limit for each day.

At the Swimming Pool

Cool off and cash out big with poolside gambling. Some casinos in Las Vegas offer swim up games in a special pool. The main game available is blackjack, played with special waterproof chips. Each table features underwater chairs so you do not have to tread water the whole time.

At the Gas Station

Gas is expensive enough as it is, but you could drive away with a free tank if you get lucky at a gas station slot machine. Without any state lotteries, gas stations choose to host slot machines instead. Many stations feature two to five different machines. The machines vary by location, but include video keno, video poker, and classic reel slots.

As you explore the city of Las Vegas, see how many obscure gambling locations you can find! Don’t miss out on a real Vegas experience by visiting a casino like Fort McDowell Casino.

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