How To Add Backgrounds On Green Screen Footage In Adobe Premiere

Green screen technology has reached a consumer level where green screens can easily be implemented into any independent project. When working with a full service video production, it’s easy to get footage, but then you must master the techniques for using it in editing programs like Adobe Premiere. Follow these steps to easily add backgrounds and adjust green screen footage as needed.

Sequence Setup

When manipulating green screen footage, everything should be done within its own sequence. Later, those sequences can be added to the completed project.

  • Go to “File,” “New,” and select “Sequence.”
  • Label the sequence with an easy name to track like “Green Screen Space Scene.” Click “OK” and the new sequence will automatically load in the timeline.
  • Right-click in the “Video Tracks” portion of the timeline. Add extra video tracks to ensure at least three tracks are available for use.

Green Screen Footage

  • Drag and drop the green screen footage into the “Video 3” layer of the timeline. The green screen footage should always be the top layer of video. When everything is keyed out from it, the bottom footage will appear up through it.
  • Add the background footage to the “Video 2” layer. Once added, you will not see anything from that footage in the monitor window.

Green Screen Effects

Applying and tweaking the green screen effects will help create a realistic transition to the background footage.

  • Click on the “Effects” tab and expand the “Video Effects” option.
  • Expand the “Keying” folder and look for the “Chroma Key” effect. Drag and drop this effect directly onto the green screen clip. Click on the “Effect Controls” tab to load all the different options.
  • Click on the “Dropper” tool next to the “Color” section. Move the tool over the “Monitor” window and click once on the green. Most of the green screen should automatically disappear and the background will show.
  • If any bits of green remain, use the rest of the tools to make adjustments as needed. The “Similarity,” “Blend,” “Threshold,”  and “Cutoff” can all be tweaked to completely eliminate the green screen.
  • Play the clip. Watch for little specs of green screen or areas where it does not disappear completely. This could be due to lighting or shadows. For these clips, use the razor tool to cut it from the main clip and then make the adjustments specifically on the smaller portion.

The chroma key effect is great to use for green screens, but remember when using blue screens, there is a separate effect made just for that. Preview the video often to see how evenly the effect works. Many video production companies, like AC productionUSA, for example, can give guidance on green screening and other technical aspects of your project.

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