Keep Your Guests Comfortable At Your Outdoor Event

The stamps have been licked, the RSVPs have rolled in, and the date approaches.  Your birthday/anniversary/wedding/graduation party is sure to be the biggest, baddest blowout your block has ever seen.  Then the bad news crashes down, much like the lighting bolts are going to on your big day.  The weather is going to be dreadful.  Now what?

Mother Nature either has a cruel sense of humor or an uncanny knack for showing up at the worst time.  Don’t let that old spinster put a damper on your festivities.  Almost anything she throws at you can be counteracted with the proper planning.

Unseasonably Warm/Cold Temperatures

If you have planned your event during a time of year that commonly has mild temperatures, but a sudden arctic blast or scorching heat develops right on time to destroy the greatest day of your life, don’t despair.  Most rental companies offer heaters that can heat up to a 20 foot radius.  Plop a few of these babies around your tent, arrange your tables nearby and presto, the day is saved.  Conversely, if you’re having a tropical heat wave, evaporative coolers are capable of cooling an area up to 200 sq. ft.  Coupled with hanging the sides on your tent and a well placed fan or two, you’re party may well begin to attract penguins.


Everybody loves bugs. Just like everyone likes stubbing their toe.  Nothing can put the kibosh on a good time faster than an invasion of mosquitoes, bees, or flies.  There are multiple products available to help drive away winged pests. Mesh nettings for the sides of the tent should be available via your rental company, such as Joliet Tent Co., to help keep out the vermin.  Citronella candles and propane based traps seem to be the most popular and most effective products if the creepy crawlies breach the mesh.  Even a good ol’ old-fashioned fly strip can help immensely. If the little buggers penetrate your first lines of defense, things like keeping food covered and placing garbage receptacles a safe distance away from the tent can help deter the uninvited guests from staying.


While there is very little that can be done to offset rain outside of your tent, with proper planning, a rainstorm shouldn’t stop your party from showing up on the party of the year candidates list.  Plan for in-tent activities in case of rain.  Come up with games that fit the theme of your celebration.  Even having several decks of cards on hand and holding an impromptu poker tournament can turn the rainy day blues into one great bash.

While none of these things will keep Uncle Harvey from becoming over-served, mooning the neighbors, and falling face first into the cake, they will help ensure that you are prepared in case of unexpected adversity.

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