The Adventure Mom

My name is Lindi, and I’m a happy mom of four! That’s right! Four silly, wonderful children. I’m lucky enough to get to stay home and take care of them and be there for them whenever they need me. My older two are in elementary school now, but my younger two are still at home with me all day.

But this past summer I had all four at home every day, and keeping them entertained became a bit of a challenge. It was then that I became interested in finding new and creative ways to entertain my children throughout the summer months. Not to mention wanting to find ways to save money on all of the fun stuff I wanted to do.

That’s why I decided to start this blog. Not only did I want to find new ideas for helping my kids to have fun throughout the summer, but I also wanted to find ways to make date nights more fun for my husband and me. With four kids and a working husband, date nights can be hard to come by and I don’t ever want them to be boring. I hope that the ideas I’ve found and tried can work for you too! This blog will focus on family entertainment, date night fun, and even some free ideas I’ve found along the way. There’s no reason that having fun should ever be too expensive or too routine.

Love, Lindi McKee