Do You Suffer From A Fear Of Learning How To Swim? Maybe These Tips Can Help

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Many people have an outright fear of learning how to swim. Sometimes, it’s a lifelong fear people come to eventually accept as their reality. You don’t have to accept it. You should not let fear keep you away from the relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial act of swimming. Here’s a few ways you can overcome that fear. Let the World Show You There’s Nothing to Fear Look around you. People are swimming all day, every day. People want to swim in oceans, lakes, pools, and anywhere else they find a body of water. There’s no class, race, age, gender, or other boundary stopping them. If they can enjoy it, then why not you? The sheer abundance of people that swim should let you know you can do it too. It should let you know there’s nothing to fear. Watch A Few Videos on Learning to Swim Many online videos focus on learning to swim. While there’s no substitute for hands-on learning, you can still learn a lot. Watch other people figure out swimming for the first time. Maybe seeing someone show you beginner techniques can help you to decide to go learn how to do it yourself. Seeing some visuals may give you a better understanding of swimming. Understanding can certainly help to conquer fears. Take a Swimming Lesson You don’t have to sign up for a full course. You can just take a single lesson and see how you feel about it. Check online for local swim instructors or classes. Early lessons take trepidation into account. They’re more about getting you comfortable with just being in the water, rather than outright swimming practice. For many people, learning to swim is a gradual process. You may find these early lessons can slowly strip the fear away, until you’re ready to really start the more active lessons. Search for Swim Clubs or Programs for New Adult Swimmers You’re not alone in this. Many people share your same fear. If you search locally, you can likely find a swim club or other program offering beginner classes. Some colleges also have beginner classes or lessons for adults. Overcome Your Fear Swimming represents a sport, activity, and even a lifelong survival skill. Overcoming your fear of learning will literally open up a completely new part of the world to you. You should respect the water, but it doesn’t mean you should fear it. Instead, try to learn to enjoy it.  For more information on swim lessons, contact a swim club like the Jersey Wahoos Swim...

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Keep Your Guests Comfortable At Your Outdoor Event

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The stamps have been licked, the RSVPs have rolled in, and the date approaches.  Your birthday/anniversary/wedding/graduation party is sure to be the biggest, baddest blowout your block has ever seen.  Then the bad news crashes down, much like the lighting bolts are going to on your big day.  The weather is going to be dreadful.  Now what? Mother Nature either has a cruel sense of humor or an uncanny knack for showing up at the worst time.  Don’t let that old spinster put a damper on your festivities.  Almost anything she throws at you can be counteracted with the proper planning. Unseasonably Warm/Cold Temperatures If you have planned your event during a time of year that commonly has mild temperatures, but a sudden arctic blast or scorching heat develops right on time to destroy the greatest day of your life, don’t despair.  Most rental companies offer heaters that can heat up to a 20 foot radius.  Plop a few of these babies around your tent, arrange your tables nearby and presto, the day is saved.  Conversely, if you’re having a tropical heat wave, evaporative coolers are capable of cooling an area up to 200 sq. ft.  Coupled with hanging the sides on your tent and a well placed fan or two, you’re party may well begin to attract penguins. Insects Everybody loves bugs. Just like everyone likes stubbing their toe.  Nothing can put the kibosh on a good time faster than an invasion of mosquitoes, bees, or flies.  There are multiple products available to help drive away winged pests. Mesh nettings for the sides of the tent should be available via your rental company, such as Joliet Tent Co., to help keep out the vermin.  Citronella candles and propane based traps seem to be the most popular and most effective products if the creepy crawlies breach the mesh.  Even a good ol’ old-fashioned fly strip can help immensely. If the little buggers penetrate your first lines of defense, things like keeping food covered and placing garbage receptacles a safe distance away from the tent can help deter the uninvited guests from staying. Rain While there is very little that can be done to offset rain outside of your tent, with proper planning, a rainstorm shouldn’t stop your party from showing up on the party of the year candidates list.  Plan for in-tent activities in case of rain.  Come up with games that fit the theme of your celebration.  Even having several decks of cards on hand and holding an impromptu poker tournament can turn the rainy day blues into one great bash. While none of these things will keep Uncle Harvey from becoming over-served, mooning the neighbors, and falling face first into the cake, they will help ensure that you are prepared in case of unexpected...

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Top 4 Benefits Of Using A Corporate Charter For Company Outings

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If you are a business owner with many employees, there might be times when you need everyone to meet at a certain destination at the same time. There are many reasons to have your employees meet in a different location and there are also many benefits to using a corporate charter for getting them there. If you are planning an off-site event for your employees, here are the top four reasons to use a corporate charter: Environmental Benefit A charter bus does use a lot of gas to get from one place to the other because of its size and weight. But when compared to many cars on the road to get to the event, the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere is much less. Economic Benefit Unless you are asking your employees to pitch in to pay for the charter, you may not see a cost benefit to using a charter right away, but your employees will. They will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to spend their own money to get to the destination that you are asking them to report to. Your economic benefit comes when you file your corporate taxes because the cost of the charter bus rental is a tax deduction. So, you will be able to add this to the cost of the event and pay less on your company’s taxes. Time Saving Benefit Eliminate the stress of wondering whether all attendees will report to the destination on time with a corporate charter. A charter eliminates the potential for traffic, flat tires and other vehicle breakdowns that make attendees late. These things can hold up a charter as well, but at least everyone will be together and you don’t have to worry if one or two people are missing. Team Building Benefit When your entire team rides in a charter together, they will have the opportunity to get to know each other a bit more. This can create new friendships, alliances and a better understanding of fellow workers. When employees use their own vehicles and decide to car pool, cliques can form which can lead to tense situations in the office on down the road. Use a charter the next time you want to plan an event for your company. Even though you will bear the expense, the benefits will far outweigh the cost. The more your employees can feel connected to each other and a part of the team, the more productive they can be and the more successful your off-site event will...

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A Checklist For Mixing And Mastering Music

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Let’s assume that your software audio suite came through for you and you’ve edited a music track. Are you ready to release it to the masses and rock your way to fame? Here’s a checklist: 1. Save the original unedited copy. This is the most important thing. Mistakes discovered later can be undone this way. The software you’re using probably has a way to save the whole project, too. If so, save that, so you can undo steps back to the point you went wrong. You’d be surprised how many times music tracks get lost. 2. Is the bass clear and strong? One of the major reasons we mix and master audio is so the recording doesn’t sound weak. The bass should come through good and solid, and the vocals should be clearly distinguishable. If your song sounds weak and tinny, like it was recorded in a closet, it will sound ‘lo-fi’ and ‘indie’ – an effect you should only have if that’s exactly what you wanted. 3. Does the high end sound clear? One problem with audio is that the high frequencies tend to sound scratchy on certain playback gear – not everybody has a top-of-the-line stereo and speakers, after all. Give the cheap headphones a break and adjust the top end of those sound waves so they don’t distort. 4. Did you use the right compression? As a general rule of thumb, your whole track compression should be in a ratio somewhere between 1.5:1 and 3:1, and threshold of -20DB. This amounts to a ratio between one-and-one-half and three times, which should be plenty. 5. Did you set the EQ to a suitable point? Audio Equalization amounts to balancing the frequencies of the sound composition. Poor EQ can make the sound muddy, garbled, or dirty. The worst part is that bad EQ can make a track sound amateur. Setting the overall EQ to a level between 6 and 10 kHZ is usually the way to get the best result. 6. Are you applying special effects tastefully? As an artistic rule of thumb, if you’re doing mixing and mastering right, no one should notice your job. You shouldn’t be loading too many production effects into the track. Audio is fun; you’re tempted to play with it, but too much over-production distracts from the song. Do remember that there is no hard and fast rule about mixing and mastering audio tracks. It depends on the style of the music, the artists’ preference, your intended audience, and what works best for each track. If you got lost reading through this list, but you still want to become a master mixer, you might want to check out a teaching service like If, however, you made it through this checklist, save your track and distribute it. See you on...

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Nostalgia For 1930s Films

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While it’s common for fans to collect memorabilia from the 1940s onward, many film buffs don’t see back as far as the 1930s. After all, a couple of generations have gone by since then. But 1930s film actually started a lot more trends than we think it did. For one thing, film buffs associate hard-boiled detective film noir with the 1940s, but surprisingly the first three Thin Man films came out in 1934, 1936, and 1939. Charlie Chan and Ellery Queen also got their start in this decade. How about Universal horror classics? The Frankenstein films got their start, introducing Gothic horror to American film audiences in the 1930s with Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935) (and that wild beehive hairdo), and Son of Frankenstein (1939). The year 1931 also saw the debut of Dracula with the one and only Bela Lugosi doing his first turn behind the cape. And what science fiction fan can forget the serials Flash Gordon (1936) and Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (1938)? Sci-fi buffs are well advised to watch the original Star Wars trilogy back-to-back with Flash Gordon; see how much was borrowed. Now for the comedy of the 1930s: Both the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy made their first screen appearances in the 1930s. That includes the first eight films in the Marx Brothers’ canon and the bulk of their work. Modern audiences often don’t make the connection between common sight gags we see in today’s cartoons and the zany gags first invented ad lib by Harpo Marx. Laurel and Hardy had their more cerebral, sophisticated brand of humor slowly take off. Now for some surprises: Would your average film fan think Scarface was originally done with Al Pacino in 1983? Try 1932 with Paul Muni (and Boris Karloff in a cameo) in the starring role about a Cuban gangster largely based on the life of Al Capone. The 1983 one was a remake. Let us not forget Alfred Hitchcock, who was just digging into the medium and feeling his oats. He made no less than thirteen films during the 1930s, including widely loved classics such as The 39 Steps, The Man Who Knew Too Much (remade later with Doris Day and James Stewart), and Secret Agent. The fun part of revisiting the 1930s in film is realizing just how little has changed since then. While films were being made before this, many of the biggest and most successful genres were born and codified in the 1930s, including space-opera, “big monster” horror films, “who-done-its,” and even farce comedy. Thankfully there are still people out there who love and remember the 30s and all that those years brought to our film culture. For more information, visit your local nostalgia shop or...

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How To Add Backgrounds On Green Screen Footage In Adobe Premiere

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Green screen technology has reached a consumer level where green screens can easily be implemented into any independent project. When working with a full service video production, it’s easy to get footage, but then you must master the techniques for using it in editing programs like Adobe Premiere. Follow these steps to easily add backgrounds and adjust green screen footage as needed. Sequence Setup When manipulating green screen footage, everything should be done within its own sequence. Later, those sequences can be added to the completed project. Go to “File,” “New,” and select “Sequence.” Label the sequence with an easy name to track like “Green Screen Space Scene.” Click “OK” and the new sequence will automatically load in the timeline. Right-click in the “Video Tracks” portion of the timeline. Add extra video tracks to ensure at least three tracks are available for use. Green Screen Footage Drag and drop the green screen footage into the “Video 3” layer of the timeline. The green screen footage should always be the top layer of video. When everything is keyed out from it, the bottom footage will appear up through it. Add the background footage to the “Video 2” layer. Once added, you will not see anything from that footage in the monitor window. Green Screen Effects Applying and tweaking the green screen effects will help create a realistic transition to the background footage. Click on the “Effects” tab and expand the “Video Effects” option. Expand the “Keying” folder and look for the “Chroma Key” effect. Drag and drop this effect directly onto the green screen clip. Click on the “Effect Controls” tab to load all the different options. Click on the “Dropper” tool next to the “Color” section. Move the tool over the “Monitor” window and click once on the green. Most of the green screen should automatically disappear and the background will show. If any bits of green remain, use the rest of the tools to make adjustments as needed. The “Similarity,” “Blend,” “Threshold,”  and “Cutoff” can all be tweaked to completely eliminate the green screen. Play the clip. Watch for little specs of green screen or areas where it does not disappear completely. This could be due to lighting or shadows. For these clips, use the razor tool to cut it from the main clip and then make the adjustments specifically on the smaller portion. The chroma key effect is great to use for green screens, but remember when using blue screens, there is a separate effect made just for that. Preview the video often to see how evenly the effect works. Many video production companies, like AC productionUSA, for example, can give guidance on green screening and other technical aspects of your...

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Five Obscure Ways To Gamble In Las Vegas

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With legal gambling in Las Vegas, there are so many surprising spots where you can win a big jackpot. While on vacation in Vegas, check out some of the following obscure locations to gamble and see how it changes the dynamics of your trip. At the Dinner Table In many Las Vegas restaurants, tables feature a napkin holder, some condiments, and paper keno sheets. Keno games are a great way to pass the time while waiting for your meal. The games display on boards all around the restaurant, and if you get lucky, your whole bill could be paid. Keep in mind that keno servers are separate from the regular servers and are there to only help with your gambling needs. Airports At a Las Vegas airport, a flight delay might not be a bad thing if you can kill an hour or two playing slot machines. The McCarran International Airport features designated gambling areas in each section of the airport. The games feature a variety of video and reel slot machines.  On Your TV When staying at one of the city’s many hotels, you don’t even have to leave your bed to gamble. Many hotels have their own special television stations where gambling is available. Formerly, games like keno and digital black jack could be played by phone, but the technology has been upgraded. Starting in Atlantic City, the in-room gambling technology is transitioning to Las Vegas and will expand to feature games like digital slot machines and video poker. With a linked account, guests can gamble at a set limit for each day. At the Swimming Pool Cool off and cash out big with poolside gambling. Some casinos in Las Vegas offer swim up games in a special pool. The main game available is blackjack, played with special waterproof chips. Each table features underwater chairs so you do not have to tread water the whole time. At the Gas Station Gas is expensive enough as it is, but you could drive away with a free tank if you get lucky at a gas station slot machine. Without any state lotteries, gas stations choose to host slot machines instead. Many stations feature two to five different machines. The machines vary by location, but include video keno, video poker, and classic reel slots. As you explore the city of Las Vegas, see how many obscure gambling locations you can find! Don’t miss out on a real Vegas experience by visiting a casino like Fort McDowell...

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How To Plan Special Events For Your Family Reunion

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If you are are hosting your first family reunion this summer, you are indeed fortunate to be able to establish some lovely traditions. You’ll need to plan ahead so that assignments can be made and so that anticipation for the big event can be building up. Of course, you’ll want to plan your menus and make reservations for the times you’ll be eating out, but the real fun comes with activities you have choreographed. Daytime Events – It’s really helpful to have a printed itinerary so that everybody will know at what time they need to be ready for different events. Start everybody off with a filling and delicious breakfast and get ready for the fun. Most kids and many adults love anything to do with the water, whether it’s swimming, boating, skiing, or just walking along the beach. If you have your own pool, you’ve got it made. If not, head for the nearest body of water and be sure to bring a picnic and water games. It’s helpful to bring a large tent so that shade will be available, especially for those who just want to lounge, or for portable cribs.  Plan a trip to see historical sights or other attractions in your city. Even residents of your city will enjoy a scavenger hunt which will encourage them to seek things out that they can see with a new perspective. Allow for unplanned time. The gals may want to go shopping, kids may want to just stay home and listen to the latest tunes or play games, and the men will appreciate time to relax in front of the television with snacks and drinks. Evening Events –  At the beginning of the reunion, make sure that assignments have been completed and offer to help with anything that will be needed. You’ll need portable stages, a microphone, a screen and a projector. On the first night, focus on your family legacy. Decorate the stage and make sure that all electronics are working properly. Let the grandparents start by telling about the family history, including time for questions and answers. This is a great time to honor them with a special gift and with a tribute song like “What a Wonderful Life” or “We Are Family” played as background music for a special slideshow presentation. Give everybody a special T-shirt with a family picture on it and a special saying like, “The Legacy Continues.” Ask them to wear their T-shirts for the last event the next night. The last night is when you’ll use the stage for the talent show. Hopefully families and individuals have planned ahead of time and you will see some really good presentations. However, even if it’s something they put together at the last minute, everybody will enjoy the show, simply because it’s all in fun. The fact that they’re wearing the family T-shirt will just add to the feeling of unity. Now you have set the stage for the next family reunions. Families and traditions go hand-in-hand, and you have facilitated this. Now sit back and relax, knowing that somebody else will be planning the next...

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Getting Married, Again: How To Plan The Perfect Second Ceremony

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After the sting of a divorce, or the devastation of losing a spouse far too early, many newly-single individuals could never imagine getting back into the dating game. If you’ve met someone who has made you rethink your “been there, done that” attitude, you might be apprehensive about planning a huge second wedding. Because there is a stigma attached to hosting a lavish second wedding, chances are you’re conscious of every choice, including skipping the virginal white dress. Help create a timeless, age-appropriate affair by following these simple tips: Telling the Kids Don’t pop the champagne just yet because once the engagement is official, it’s time to share the news with some potentially unenthusiastic listeners: your kids. Even though they’re grown up with kids of their own, your adult children might take the news badly. This is unfortunate, but don’t let this stand in the way of your nuptials. Instead, encourage them to discuss their feelings like adults rather than boycott the wedding or give you the silent treatment. If you’re divorced, it’s also respectful to tell your ex-spouse about the engagement. Divine Caroline recommends sharing an engagement picture on social media or in the local newspaper instead, especially if you’re not on speaking terms. The Gifts One important aspect of getting hitched again you might overlook is the wedding registry. If you’ve lived in the same house for several years, chances are you have all the hand towels, spatulas and trivets you could use. Instead of creating a typical registry, Divine Caroline recommends asking your friends and family to give a gift to your favorite charity. However, if you still need a few odds and ends, or want to start fresh with your fiancee, go ahead and register at your favorite department store. Planning the Ceremony In an attempt to follow tradition and appease the parents who are paying for the ceremony, many young couples opt for a conventional wedding. If you’ve always regretted being a conformist the first time around, take this opportunity to plan the real wedding of your dreams. For example, did you always want to get married on the beach, or say your “I Dos” in Las Vegas? Whatever you choose, Match recommends having fun with your second wedding. However, according to Match, it’s equally important to incorporate some very special people in the ceremony: your kids. Make them feel like part of your new family by asking your daughter to be your maid of honor, or insist your son walk you down the aisle. Although it’s important to put your needs first, you must also remember there are certain unwritten rules that your family or friends will expect you to follow. For instance, a second wedding is generally hosted at a smaller, more intimate venue. In addition, it’s also second-wedding etiquette to have a single attendant rather than multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen. Getting married the second time around is the perfect opportunity to correct the mistakes made during your first wedding. Most importantly, you’ll also get the rare opportunity to enjoy shopping for a wedding dress twice! For more information, check out companies like Buffalo Launch...

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3 Unforgettable Christian Women In Comedy

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Christian comedians bring joy and laughter to others while striving to create and accept material that honors their faith. Although the field of comedy used to be almost entirely dominated by men, female comedians and comedic actresses have really made great strides in the last few decades. Actresses who have enjoyed success in comedy while also staying true to their Christian faith is still rare. However, these female Christian comedians make something so complicated look simple, and they’re likely to inspire you in your walk with God, too. Meagan Good As a beautiful, Christian comedic actress, Meagan Good has been very careful in how she selects roles. In fact, she admitted that she has turned on several parts in comedies because they didn’t coincide with her strong convictions. For example, she had to turn down a role because it contained nudity. No matter what, though, she has been proud of her choices, and her faith in God remains strong. Good has appeared in such hit comedies as Think Like a Man, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Don Jon.  Candace Cameron Bure Candace Cameron Bure is known for her comedic acting in hit shows like Full House, where she played the oldest daughter D.J. Tanner. Since she left the show, Candace has gone on to other comedic projects, such as guest appearances on Boy Meets World and That’s So Raven. She has also been very outspoken about her faith, and her testimony is prominently displayed on her personal website. As a successful contestant on Dancing with the Stars, the funny performer often made fun of herself, but she even more frequently spoke about the importance of her faith.  Patricia Heaton As Raymond’s put-upon wife in Everybody Loves Raymond, Emmy-winning comedic actress Patricia Heaton has enjoyed many years of success in Hollywood. She is also a devoted Evangelical Christian. In addition to being an active member of her church, she volunteers for Feminists for Life, which is a faith-based, pro-life group. Among her many projects, Patricia was a big hit when she emceed a comedy tour that was captured on film in the hit DVD, Thou Shalt Laugh. This clean comedy show is family-friendly, and it had seen massive success. She also appropriately played a pastor’s wife in the Christian comedy, Mom’s Night Out, which caused some controversy, but found its audience and became a big success in the Christian film...

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