Creative Date Night Ideas

Sporty Dates

Date nights don’t have to be boring and generic. You can try amping up the energy on a date by doing something sporty. Sporty dates can range in activity and price. Some can be free and some can be super expensive.

If you need a good sporty date idea at the last minute, opt for something easy and free like hiking. You could pack water and sandwiches. If you have a little money to spare, you could go roller-skating at a retro rink. You’d have to pay for rental skates, but those aren’t too much money. If you feel like splurging, you can go to a minor or major league game. Even the cheap seats can be expensive, so try to plan for that.

Artsy Dates

If you want to do something new and exciting, try going for a more artsy date. Even if you and your date aren’t particularly artsy on your own, there are still a lot of cool things you can try. Most art galleries are free to walk through, so if you want to feel fancy but don’t want to pay for it, go visit a gallery.

Local concerts are a lot of fun with all the eclectic crowds they draw. You may have to pay for small concerts, but pack a picnic so you can dine and dance under the stars. Pottery painting can be a little more expensive, but if you can splurge on it, the whole activity makes for great keepsakes.

At-Home Dates

If you want to do something special and fun but don’t really feel like leaving the house, you can always have an at-home date. At-home dates are a great way to save money if that’s your goal. But it’s also nice to have quality time in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Have a spa night in. This can be cheap or expensive depending on how fancy you want to get with bubble bath and candles. You can also plan a themed movie night. Get some great take-out Chinese food and watch a Kung Fu movie. Or make pasta and watch The Godfather.