Free Entertainment for Everyone

If you fall into the following categories, these free entertainment ideas are perfect for you:

Too young to drive

Too young to have a job

Trying to save money

Need new ways to have fun

How Do You Have Fun for Free?

Utilizing free entertainment is really easy and simple. It’s all about knowing how to use the resources around you. Of course, there are always free concerts in the park, the park itself, and going to the beach. But what about when those get old and overdone?

The definition of fun is different for everyone, and your reasons for wanting cheap or free ideas vary too. But whether you’re a teen looking for something fun to do or you’re just a normal adult who wants to save money on extra activities, there is an option for you on this list. Some of them might seem too simple to be fun, but remember that everyone’s situation is different. After all, isn’t fun as much about the attitude you bring, as the activity at hand?

You can try some of these simple, fun, and free ideas to keep yourself entertained and happy:

Be your own Barista. Make your own special coffee drinks at home instead of buying them.

Do aerobics in your living room. Watch work out videos online for free.

Visit a museum. Most museums have a few “free” days in a month.

Have a “board game” night with friends. Bring all of your old favorites.

Watch your favorite TV shows from when you were a kid.

Recycle some old jeans and turn them into something new. Crafts are free.

People watch at a busy area like a mall or theme park.

Talk your dog to the beach or for a walk to the dog park.

Play on a jungle gym at night, when no one else is around.

Give someone a makeover.

Have a sports night at home with snacks and drinks.

Have a baking night with friends.

The options really are endless when it comes to free, easy, and fun ways to have a good time. You can do any of these alone or with friends. Figure out what your goals are for a day or night of fun, and then go for it!